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Gonna do a little light music on #ds106radio at the top of the hour (~7 PM Eastern) listen.ds106rad.io

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Dear everybody re ChatGPT etc,

The word you need that you don't know you need is CONFABULATION.

What y'all are calling "hallucination" is, in neurology and psychology (where it means two slightly different things) called "confabulation".

It means when somebody's just making up something and has no idea that they're making things up, because their brain/mind is glitching.

A lot of folks are both trying to understand the AI chatbots and are trying to grapple with the possible implications for how organic minds work, by speculating about human cognition. Y'all should definitely check into the history of actual research into this topic, it will make your sock roll up and down, and blow your minds. And one of the key areas will be surfaced with that keyword.

There have been a bunch of very clever experiments that have been done on humans and how they explain themselves which betrays that there are parts of the mind that are surprisingly - and even alarmingly - independent.


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"Those tempted to offer certificates in ‘prompt engineering’ based on consulting firms speculating that this is a future area of growth, might want to consider that these same people were saying similar things about metaverse jobs less than a year ago...the kind of skills that will be most in need are precisely those cultivated in those [humanities] buildings that hadn’t been renovated since the 1960s.” insidehighered.com/news/tech-i

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Mostly the new Rock Hall inductees, plus a little Mothers Day set, coming up in 10 minutes (7 PM Eastern) on #ds106radio listen.ds106rad.io

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Boosting a Master's degree project for a friend of a friend, on "the Live Music Experience and Sensory Processing. Specifically, how people with disabilities and neurodivergence that affect sensory processing experience live music, and whether this experience can be made more accessible to them." Looking for participants with "a disability or neurodivergence that affects sensory processing... You don’t have to disclose your disability and all data collected is anonymous."

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@joemurphy I just stumbled upon Southern Avenue out of Memphis, and figured you might be able to tell me how late I am to this party... southernavenuemusic.com/

We're going to the Mardi Gras on federated peer-to-peer internet radio around the top of the hour, with @joemurphy
Listen along at listen.ds106rad.io

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Working on a Mardi Gras playlist for #ds106radio tomorrow night. 7 PM Eastern (or time.is/compare/0700PM_17_Feb_ wherever you are)

Any requests?

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Everyone should go read @mekkaokereke's great threads going around for #BlackHistoryMonth, but also he reminded me of something that I felt is a somewhat hidden starter info source: Crash Course put out a whole course in 2021 on Black American History, taught by Dr. Clint Smith: youtube.com/watch?v=xPx5aRuWCt

Given how little is taught in schools, I'm glad it's here as an additional resource. There are 51 videos, so it might be a good way to add Black US History into education for a whole year?

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Just weeks ago, grift-lord and far-Right troll Andy Ngo went on Tucker Carlson to push the lie to millions that "climate activists" were behind a series of recent attacks on the electrical grid, while he complained on Twitter that 'antifa' was rushing to link recent attacks on the electric grid to the far-Right - which in reality were carried out by burglars.

Today law enforcement arrested members of the neo-Nazi group, the Atomwaffen Division, for plotting to attack substations in the Baltimore area. Read VICE article here: vice.com/en/article/g5v4pq/bal

One of those arrested, Brandon Russell, has already been imprisoned for possessing explosives and plotting to carry out a 'dirty bomb' attack with radioactive materials. A raid on Russell's apartment in 2017 found bomb making materials and a framed picture of Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

Read our report about Russell's initial arrest - which almost didn't happen, as police initially let him go, back in 2017: itsgoingdown.org/how-cops-let-

Grifters like Tucker and Ngo exist to give space to groups like Atomwaffen to carry out their violence against the public by downplaying the threat that they serve, mainstreaming their neo-Nazi talking points, and pointing the finger of blame back on those who would oppose them on the Left.

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#BooksBuildBridges A non-partisan grassroots group of K-12, museum, & university educators are providing book lapel pins to members of Congress to wear at Tuesday's #StateOfTheUnion address to signal their support for education, literacy, & libraries.twitter.com/jbf1755/status/162 #StopBookBans ##books #libraries #FreedomofInformation #education #Congress #museums #educators #K12

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Ok, my first poll for #FediPoll - what kind of mobile phone do you use?

(boosts appreciated to get as much engagement as possible, thanks!)

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Instead of begging a sociopath CEO to please, please, please let them keep using his increasingly terrible website for research and other activities, these orgs and people should be organizing to move what they do to the open web. independenttechresearch.org/le

It is looking like the 3 weeks starting mid-February will be pretty epic weeks for me in - the shows I am currently planning to attend:

2/16 Gaelic Storm @ Birchmere
2/18 Tedeschi Trucks @ Warner Theatre
2/23 Buffalo Nichols @ Columbia Art Center
3/5 Lucky Chops @ Union Stage
3/9 Larkin Poe @ 9:30 Club

There is a better than even money chance I will also grab a ticket for Enter the Haggis @ Hamilton Live on 3/7 because 4 whole days between shows seems like a lot.

Unironically and without pretense, the singalong was a fun watch. That's it, that's the toot.

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The College Board Just Watered Down Its New AP African American History Course: They say it had nothing—definitely nothing!—to do with caving to right-wing racism.


This weekend's in playlist is Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country - he might be the best white guy guitarist under 30 I've ever seen. They were supporting Greensky Bluegrass youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ7

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