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More suffering for the Palestinian people.
The PM is a monster. How was he allowed to run for office after all of the crimes he and his wife did?

Netanyahu government makes West Bank settlement expansion its priority | Israel | The Guardian

Hardline coalition vows to legalise dozens of illegally built outposts and annex the occupied territory

Deleted Twitter, finally. Thought I could give it a chance if Muskrat backed off his insanity some; that’s partially happening but not really. Instead of help with Afghanistan now we get ads for online gambling. Blue checkmark are now meaningless, finding trustworthy information basically impossible. That’s one way to set $44 billion on fire.

#introduction: my battles

I was the first trans person to change my name on already-published research papers. I didn't think I was the first when I did it, which helped.

I'm part of the Name Change Policy Working Group ( to make this easier for others. Many journals now allow name changes.

Google Scholar refuses to call trans authors by their names, or even talk to trans people. I made Google should either listen to us or shut down Scholar.

Hamkins’ book is, I think, the “missing link” I have been searching for between the lower and advanced mathematics. 🧮

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Hamkins seems very much to be preparing his students for mathematical analysis, and, as such, spends more time covering methods of proving mathematical facts. Indeed, the final chapter of his textbook is titled “real analysis” and we might assume that a student will be prepared for it by the time they have covered the rest of the book.

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Velleman appears as a logician interested in propositional and first order predicate logic for its own sake, although he uses these tools to to cover basic facts that concern sets, relations, and functions. Much ink is devoted to learning the language and consequences of first order logic.

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Velleman’s How to Prove It vs. Hamkins’ Proof and the Art of Mathematics:

A Texas Superintendent Ordered School Librarians to Remove LGBTQ Books. Now the Federal Government Is Investigating.

The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has opened what appears to be the first-of-its-kind investigation into the Granbury Independent School District after it banned school library books dealing with sexuality and gender. @ProPublica @NBC #lgbt #bookban is now hosted by the Open Collective Foundation! OCF is a non-profit that serves as a "fiscal host" for collectives providing a social service. We now can accept U.S. tax-deductible donations and will have a public budget showing all expenditures. I've transferred Ko-Fi funds over & would recommend folks with recurring donations move them to OCF. Go to to make a holiday-season tax-deductible donation.

Digital Ocean, provider of some of the most helpful tech tutorials around, just published one for how to set up #mastodon !

I wish this had existed before I stood up my own instance, but now it'll help others.

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

A reminder, if you own your own domain you can quickly setup webfinger like this (can just be a static file, or dynamic) so that if someone searches mastodon (use me as an example) for @shanselman then it will call out to my domain, find me, and tell you my aliases, which is my account at Cool eh? Should take you just a few min to implement!

whether a trans person wants to pass or not is their choice, we don’t owe anyone a cis-normative appearance

ok thanks good talk 🥳

I think I’m handling that other situation fairly well, given the circumstances 👀

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